An Introduction

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Ada was born in Hong Kong and spent her first fourteen years of life there. Her parents sent her to art class because her love of drawing was very evident. There, she learned to draw and paint with various media. Ada’s subject matter has ranged from still life to portraits to landscapes.

Since those early lessons, she has undertaken an art journey primarily on her own. Her watercolour techniques are self-taught but supplemented by instruction from various artists across Canada through workshops and seminars. She has also enrolled in the University of Alberta Extension Fine Arts Certificate program to broaden her exposure to a greater variety of artists and artistic styles and techniques.

In recent years, as her spiritual journey progressed, she realized that her ability to express the creativity within her was indeed a gift from God. Nowadays, she uses her brushes to capture the beauty around her as well as to teach others to see and portray this beauty. Ada’s work possesses a spiritual depth with a message of hope and peace, the ingredients for healing.

Ada is a member of the Edmonton Art Club and has been exhibiting her work with the club since 2006. She had her first solo exhibit in March, 2008.


I took a watercolour workshop a few years ago. That workshop turned out to be the turning point in my art journey. What I gained was not a set of clever techniques or dashing skills. Rather, I gained a conviction that I was an artist who paints the landscape from within, allowing my emotions to flow through my paintbrushes.

My paintings reflect the journey I have been travelling. They reveal my experiences and the vitality of my inner growth. I think I have arrived at a point of embracing the idea that my art journey is not all about how well I can paint, but how much I have grown. The final measure is not on the approval or praise I received but how well I have shared the message and celebrated the gift that was given to me.

I learned to draw and paint in a variety of media, such as charcoal, pastels and oil. Watercolour, however, is the medium that captivates me. It pushes my limits. The paint interacting with the water has given me a great sense of freedom. I am learning to let go more and more as I travel along in my art journey letting my soul work, allowing the colours to burst forth from my soul! I am learning to constantly expand my limits, accepting success as well as failure. I am also learning from the mistakes by not playing it safe.

My subject matter has ranged from still life to landscapes. As I mentioned before, my paintings are a reflection of both my spiritual and physical journey. All my paintings have certain emotions attached to them. Almost all the landscape paintings were of places I have been. I am attracted to hidden corners and quiet places. I often find peace and hope in those corners and I realize those ordinary places speak the same message as the majestic mountains and seas. There is serenity and beauty in all creation. Furthermore, I believe the message of hope and peace are the ingredients of healing. Because of that, I continue to share that message through my paintings. My goal is to bring that serenity and hope to those who happen upon my paintings.