Smile 12 X 12.jpg

I finally did it!  I wanted to paint a little girl form Niger ever since I came back from there.  There is a tender spot in my heart just for the people I met in Niger!  It’s as though yesterday that I visited even though it has been over 5 years.  Looking at the little girl, there seems an unspoken understanding that we will see each other again.


Morning Fog 12 X 12.jpg

While we were trying to paint on location at Lake Edith, the fog was rolling in, I felt the urge to capture the mood, thankful for the camera and a quick sketch.  We were in a white out situation five minutes later; snow was coming down sideway!   We never thought we could pack up our things that fast!  My friends wished we could stay on longer to paint; I’m just thankful that we had that moment and enjoyed it.  I guess in real life situation, we can choose to regret the moment come and gone so fast or be thankful that we had the moment!


Johnston 12 X 12.jpg

As we were hiking along the walkway to Johnston Canyon, the surrounding fills every sense of my being – the rocks are spectacular to look at, the sound of the water is alluring and the smell of fresh vegetation is rejuvenating.  And this is just a small glimpse of what we will be seeing!  I think everyone should make at least a trip to this majestic canyon in his lifetime.